I’ve spent many years crafting in one form or another.

My mom loved to craft.  She would do fabric painting using stencils and brushes.  That evolved into liquid embroidery using tubes of pain with ball point tips.  She also crocheted, sewed and loved to cook.

Somehow, in my own time and space, I picked up some, but not all, of these things.  I inherited the ball point tipped paints, adding to them with my own original set.

Crochet and I have a love/hate relationship.  I enjoy it, but because I’m one of those crafters who need to put things down for a while (years?) I end up relearning each time I pick up a hook and yarn.

I am a beginner quilter.  While my mom was a blue ribbon seamstress, I never – ever – got the bug to try my hand at garment sewing.  But I can sew a straight line and I love the process of quilting.  Mostly.

My love of color lent itself to paper crafting.  I make and sell cards.  There is a wide array of techniques, processes, sizes, you name when you work with paper.  You can use the end product in home decoration, or give a hand made gift to a special person when you want to let them know you are thinking about them.

Cooking is a passion I’ve had for most of my life.  Actually, food is the passion, cooking is the medium.  I am fascinated by the variety, the color, the flavor, the history, the process of food.  A good meal is a celebration not only of what is on the plate, but the skill and accomplishment of the cook.  No matter what the skill level.


Who is the Orange Plaid Cat?

I’m also an animal lover who shares a home with a rescue cat named Annie.

Annie is the Orange Plaid Cat. She is a wonderful companion with a great sense of humor, amazing energy and lots of love.

You’ll be hearing more about Annie as time goes on.