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I grew up watching cartoons and indulging in the funny pages. Long before I met Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck competed for my attention with Peanuts, Popeye and loads of other colorful eye catchers.

As I grew up, my love of both mediums evolved. I learned to watch story lines in the daily comics. Doonesbury was an early favorite as was For Better or For Worse. The trials and tribulations of Cathy caught my eye as one of my BFFs looked like the main character. Really!

My love of cartoons confounded some folks, but I carried on keeping up with Winnie the Pooh, Darkwing Duck, Gargoyles, Wacky Racers and, of course, Flintstones, Jetsons and Bugs Bunny.

In some way, the continued adventures aimed at kids was calming and consistent in a way that the adult world wasn’t. The weekly catch up provided time to chill and relax.

When I started collecting for my own video library I had a rule that kept the budget under control and allowed space allocation to be a thing, rather than an attempt. The rule was simple: I would not buy any video that I was only going to watch once or twice.

I admit there have been a few … misses, but for the most part my collection contained a lot of cartoon series. Lots (and lots) of Hanna Barbera, Warner Bros and a few Disney cartoon series, but lots of Disney animated movies.

I was a kid who grew up in a time before cable, video recorders and collections. I knew what it was like when there was nothing to watch on TV and going to a movie just was not possible. My collection allows me to find something to curl up with when what I find on TV is a bit boring.

Some people still find it a bit odd, but I am perfectly happy settling down with more Darkwing Duck, Duck Dodgers or Fred Flintstone.

All I need is a bowl of cereal and milk. 🙂

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New Stuff

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Or, things you might find interesting. 🙂

Mobituaries by Mo Rocca

Mo is back with a new and interesting project. Mobituaries ( is a collection of podcasts (and an upcoming book) about people who have caught his interest.

Note: The people could be real or not.

If you are one of us folks who find ourselves curious about … history, life stories, odds and ends, this might be right up your street.

There is an introduction to the podcast – and as of this writing the first episode – available on the website. Check it out!

Star Trek Discovery is Back!

I finally sat down to watch the first episode (I admit I was holding off just a bit) and loved it.

The production values are amazing, the story telling compelling and the addition of new characters intriguing. Tig Navarro is a treat – that’s all I’m going to say. 🙂

Good Trek makes your mind work and I loved observing mine as we maneuvered through the first episode story. It sets up the season well, introduces us to new(ish) characters and provides some needed touch base with old friends.

Lady Sherlock Book Series

I just finished book three in the series by Sherry Thomas. WOW!

It helps to know that I had recently been listening to the Stephen Fry read collection of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. The comparison between the two works is amazing. Thomas really – and I mean REALLY – did her homework.

The series is best read in order. While you can expect some intricate plotting, the real gems in the work are the characters. I’m an audio reader and the narrator/reader is amazing. Check out the series at The Lady Sherlock Series.

That’s all for now – have fun!

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Revisiting the Mirror

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Or, will I color my hair…again?

Much to the chagrin of the lady who cuts my hair, I am contemplating coloring my hair.

For many years I’ve dabbled with colors and processes.  My mid-brown locks have been frosted to the point where I was considered blond.  I’ve been more shades of red than I can remember – but I can remember the one shade I really liked only to discover that it had been discontinued.

My hair has been its usual mid brown with touches of sliding/fading into a sorta gray for a while now.

I’m a touch bored.

The lady who cuts my hair (I decline to consider her a ‘hair dresser’) likes the color, calling it becoming to me.  <Shrug>

I remember my mother’s medium brown hair going gray in such a way that there was a sort of halo of dark under the beautiful silver gray.  Mine just isn’t doing that.  Or, if it is, it is taking its sweet time about it.

Will I frost it again?  I doubt it – too much maintenance for me.  I’m more of a wash in / wash out color girl.

And, while I bemoan the color of my hair and fantasize about going Real Red or Teal or such, the reality is I probably will stick close to my own color.

Not feeling That Adventurous at this point in time.  Hey, the last time I went red most of my closet and I did not coordinate.  🙂

New Year.  New Ideas.  New Ambitions.  New Thoughts.

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Happy 2019!

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We’ve made it!

While the celebrations and festivities are behind us for a while, there are some changes that need to begin soon. Today, in fact.

After a lot of deliberation, and in conjunction with the soon to be extinct Google+, I’ve decided to stop posting to Facebook and Google+.

If you are following me on one of those platforms, please go to the blog ( and either add me to your Favorites or sign up for the monthly newsletter.

The blog is where you can find out what we are up to and see the newest cards in the CraftyBarnCat Etsy shop.

The monthly newsletter will give you all the articles posted during the month and a discount code for use in the CraftyBarnCat Etsy shop.

I hope to see you here to keep up with the Next Adventure.

Happy New Year!

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Updating the Video Selection

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Or, I’ve dropped Netflix.

Before you panic, yes, I did drop Netflix.  Why?  Because I wasn’t watching it.

I’ve also added BritBox along with my Acorn TV and may, or may not, continue with some of the channels I’ve added to my Roku box.

I will keep my CBS All Access because, to be dead honest, I use it a lot more than all the others put together.

The joys of streaming.  🙂

Way back when, television was pretty much at the whim of the weather, how good your antenna was and if there was any interference between your antenna and the tower where the chosen channel was broadcast.

For years people have complained about cable’s high price and limitation on the flexibility of its packages. 

Streaming allows me to choose the channels I want to watch at a price that works for me.  And, if I should choose, I can remove them without major issue.  Or resubscribe when I want.

So, yes, I dropped Netflix.  I’m looking forward to the upcoming Disney streaming service and crossing my fingers that the programming on offer is what I want to spend $ for.  If not <shrug> not a big deal, there are other places to opt into programming of interest.

For those who complain about commercials in the streaming universe, if you paid for cable, you were also paying for commercials.  Please explain what the difference is.  🙂

Flexibility, budget friendly, easy to manage.  Works for me.

Over the air antenna TV was limited to the number of stations available in your area.  When digital signals arrived, the number of channels could multiply by 3 or more, but you were still subject to the usual issues.  But viewing was free.

When cable came in, you had less issue with weather or other interference, but were stuck with the whims of the cable company and the quality of their service. 

Service and cable were often oxymorons.  Factor in the cost of the <cough> service and the reality that you were often stuck with channels you never watched and sometimes you found yourself wishing you had your old antenna back.

Streaming is a new(ish) process whereby you get your preferred television by virtue of a Smart TV, streaming service or the internet. 

I found myself watching a lot of YouTube.  Why?  I found programming that I was actually interested in, from many corners of the world.  I also found older programming that was not available anywhere else.

CBS All Access provides a lot of programming – old and new – along with original programming that you will only find there.  Their cost is reasonable and the service has proven to be extremely handy.  In my area when the winds are particularly bad, I can’t get the local over the air stations, but I can always see live programming on the CBS All Access app.

This means I can keep up with local news and weather in addition to the programming that is carried over the air for that network plus I can catch up with shows I missed.  Since I don’t record shows anymore, this is very helpful.

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Meal Planning Made Easier

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For lots of people planning meals is part headache and part budget killer. For folks who are on a special diet, or want to lose weight, meal planning can be a hurdle. Folks who are bored with the Tried And True and would like to add some variety to their meals can be frustrated with all the various options available.

It doesn’t have to be that way – for any of these folks.

eMeals provides weekly inspiration for dinner, makes sticking to diets and eating healthy exceedingly easy, and pays for itself several times over.

There are lots of options and flexibility is built in. Are you a Vegan? Paleo? Gluten Free? Prefer Crock Pot to regular cooking? Budget friendly? Want to take advantage of grocery pick up services? Looking for fast and healthy recipes? eMeals has you covered.

Save some money, save some time, get inspired.

Try eMeals Free for 14 Days see what they have to offer. If you would like to make grocery shopping even easier, check out the following links.

Try eMeals plus grocery delivery with Shipt

Try eMeals plus grocery delivery with Amazon Fresh

Try eMeals plus grocery pickup with Walmart

Try eMeals plus grocery delivery with Instacart

As you contemplate your 2019 resolutions, remember that one good way to help you achieve your goals is to use the tools that work. Give it a try and see what happens!

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You’ve Made it This Far!

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Hooray!  You made it to Christmas Eve and (we are hoping) all is well and bright.  Good Job!

Take a few minutes to enjoy what you’ve accomplished.

Happy Holidays!

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Foods for Thought

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As you start thinking about your Holiday Meal(s)…

Entertaining With Beth has some great ideas not only for a Holiday Brunch, but menu items for the Big Meal.  Beth has also included some great foodie inspired gift ideas.  Just sayin’.

Oh Yum with Anna Olson has an item by item collection of recipes that could inspire your menu.

America’s Test Kitchen has brought some amazing dessert items to the table.  Million Dollar Shortbread to name but one.  By the way, if you have a Roku device the channel is FREE.  Check it out!

The Domestic Geek put together a fantastic holiday menu that is worth taking a look at.  She not only covers a variety of options, but tackles the fix-its sometimes necessary when things get a bit out of control.

These are my go to resources for ideas.  I hope they are helpful for you, too.

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A Return to Downton Abbey

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Like the millions of people who tuned in year after year to catch up with the Crawley’s, I find myself missing the great house this time of year.

Odd, since in the US the series ran starting in January – long after the U.K. had visited and moved on for the season.

Somehow, though, Christmas is the time I get a bit wistful to see Branson, Lady Mary, and all the other occupants of the house and grounds, not to mention the neighboring village.

There is something serene about the place.  Comfortable even in those rooms full of gilt, silk and deep carpets.

If you are a viewer of YouTube, you can see some of the DVD extras that talk about back stories and settings and characters.  For me, who does not own the DVDs, it is an interesting addition to the fond memories I have of the series.

To be honest, it makes me want to brew a cuppa and settle down in front of the telly with Amazon Video to dive in.  The entire series is there, waiting.

I am hearing bits about the new movie that is coming next year.  To be honest, I’ve not paid any attention if only to preserve some of my sanity.  There is something about the anticipation that keeps things on an even keel.

Join me, won’t you?  Settle back and dive in to watch all or part of the series.  Remember the joys and the sorrows and the amazing holidays at Downton Abbey

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Taking a Breather

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I realize that most of the world is caught up in Holiday Madness right now.  Perhaps that is why I suggest that we all take a breather.

You know, prepare a simple meal, dim the lights a bit, turn on some nice music and put your feet up.  The rush to Do Something On The List can wait until tomorrow.

I was channel hopping tonight and happened to catch a good portion of a film I have heard of for years, but never saw.  Bullitt.  Yeah, that one – with Steve McQueen. 

I was, to be polite, blown away.  Great cinematography.  Fantastic characters.  A cast list that is eye popping.  And that car…that Mustang…and that chase scene…  Worth any amount you’d care to name.

Truth is, unless I owned a copy, or could find one to rent or stream, I would have missed it if I was keeping up with The List Of Things To Be Done.

In case you were wondering, I saw this wonderful classic film on Movies TV Network.  Check the site to find out where you can watch in your area.

My point is, take time for yourself right now, so you can enjoy all the festivities later.  And, if something doesn’t get done, remind yourself that it is very unlikely that it will end the world.  (You have to prioritize that list, you know.)

One step at a time.  🙂

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