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Holiday Programming

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When I was growing up, the holidays included lots of specials on TV that were not just cartoons for the kids, but musical and variety programs and special holiday episodes of series programs.

Over the years, this has fallen away until there is not much out there for folks to enjoy.

Before television, radio celebrated the holidays with all sorts of amazing and wonderful shows.  Musicals, variety shows, kids shows and more.

For the past few years I have enjoyed the special programming put on by one of the Old Time Radio stations I listen to. 

Radio Once More ( will begin its Christmas Classics lineup at midnight (eastern time) Thanksgiving night and continuing through December.  Check their website for listings and schedule and to find out how to listen online.

I listen to the station via TuneIn – a free app for my phone, computer or laptop not to mention Smart TV. 

What are you in store for?  How about the Jack Benny Show, Fibber McGee and Molly, Lux Radio Theater and more.  Listen to A Christmas Carol and Miracle on 34th Street.  Hundreds of shows that share the spirit of the holidays with a smile, a tear and warm thought.

I sincerely hope you take this opportunity to add a little something extra to your holidays this year – and if you like what you’ve heard, please drop Neal and the gang an email or a post on their Facebook page.  The information is on the site.

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