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I have very early memories of sitting in my mother’s lap as she read the Sunday Funnies to me.  Later on, I recall stretching out on the floor in front of the heater with the Sunday paper open to the Comics section.

While I am not a fan of having piles of newsprint around, I do miss the comics section.  This is why I was so excited, thrilled and pleased to discover the online version of the funny pages.

I get a daily paper delivered to my In Box and usually the first place I turn is to the Comics.  Before that, I visited comics.com or found online papers who carried favorite strips.  Both bookmarked along with the websites for favorite comics writers.

Why do I still love the comics?  Good comic strips have a collection of characters that I connect with on some level.  They tell a story that piques my interest.  They make me laugh.

More importantly, they take me away from the day to day news cycle (which should more likely read minute to minute … ) and give me something to chuckle about. 

I’m currently revisiting For Better or For Worse which retired in 2008 but is still carried by several papers.  There is still some humor in watching the kids grow up, the parents grow older and life evolve as it did when the strips were new.

I also enjoy Pickles.  The story of an elderly couple, I not only appreciate the humor, but the fact that – in my paper at least – the strip is loaded in a LARGER format for easier reading.  Perhaps it is a tip of the hat for older readers?

Baby Blues and Zits continue to bring chuckles even if the kids don’t seem to grow older.  Baldo also makes me laugh if only for the irony that seems to escape some. 

Peanuts is another strip that I go to often.  In years past it was a daily visit, but now not so much.  Same could be said for Doonesbury.  I appreciate both for different reasons.

If you love comic strips, but haven’t indulged in a while, load your search engine and start looking for your favorites.  You will be able to find sites like comics.com that collect a variety of strips and you will find stand alone sites that support the strips themselves.

Whatever way you choose, don’t deny yourself the opportunity to look at the world through a very different lens and laugh a bit at the world.

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