Exciting Times For The Bookshelf!

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I am a reader.  I am an audio book listener.  I love books of all sizes.  For all those reasons, there are two very distinctive times when it is exciting to be on or near my bookshelf.

First, when my Audible credits appear in my account and I can look for new books to listen to.

Second, when a favorite author publishes – or a book I’m interested in is published.


There was a time when I was pretty stuck in one or two genres.  Evolving to my Kindle sort of eliminated that.  I literally had the entire book store in my hand and could find whatever I wanted to read.  I never, ever, found that to be true going to any bookstore.

Expanding my genre choices exploded the envelope.  I could try different authors and subjects as I chose without hesitation.  I gravitate toward detective and fantasy fiction, with a side of science fiction.  I have a fondness for a particular author’s historical fiction.  All of those options gave me opportunities to try different writers (usually at the recommendation of the author I read) and see if they were intriguing enough to keep up with.

There is a catch with the ability to have the library in your pocket – having the library in your pocket.  🙂

You can get used to binge reading a series or an author until you have read all and … now what?


Why did I buy an ereader?  I’ve been asked this quite a lot.  My normal response is to say that my chiropractor prefers I not carry around a lot of weight on my shoulder.  This is usually after he has attempted to move my purse out of the way and finds he needs a hand trolley.

The fact of the matter is a little different.  But not too much.

Carrying around books – especially the door stops I tend to read – means carrying around a lot of extra weight.  There is also a logistical aspect – one has to dedicate an arm to carry whatever the book is or is not in.

As anyone who has attempted to pick up a quick meal with a lot of luggage knows, this isn’t always easy.

I love my Kindle, but it doesn’t fit in my pocket.

A few years back I was looking for a way to be able to listen to audio books and internet radio.  After a lot of searching, I decided upon an iPod – not an iPad – and discovered the flexibility of having my library in my pocket. 

The iPod was a perfect solution for me.  I could tuck it into one pocket, my wallet in another, and be able to grab a quick lunch and be able to read a bit without back strain or the threat of inadvertent avalanche.  If you are a hardcore reader, you will understand.

Audio Books?

I love being read to. 

I get that some people really love the feel and the smell of paper.  I don’t have the physical space to hold all the books I would own.  As my eyesight has evolved (or devolved) audio books allow me to keep up with my favorite authors.  For kids, they are great tools to introduce them to reading.  Really.

I’d love to hear from you about why and how and who you read.  Maybe we share a fondness for a particular author or character.  Let’s find out!

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