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I love to eat.  I also love to cook.  Two things that – in my mind at least – go together, but I’ve had to come to terms with the reality that for some folks, don’t.

I get that cooking may not be everyone’s idea of fun.  Personally, I appreciate a good cook.  Cooking is an art form.  Good meals don’t just magically arrive on the table with the flick of a wand.

That being said, I understand why some folks are frustrated with the process of putting a meal on the table.  Different cooking times.  Juggling tasks.  Dealing with interruptions.  I get it.  I also get the boredom of the same set of recipes for the same set of meals for the same time frame that inevitably make the worst take out food taste like a 5 star Michelin restaurant fare.

All that being said, I find myself digging around on the internet looking for new recipes, new ideas, new things to try.  I have also been a fan of PBS’ cooking shows.  I’ve learned a lot from chefs found there.

I recently discovered Anna Olson on both YouTube and Amazon.  She is an excellent teacher of both baking and meal preparation.  Her food looks delicious and is pretty easy to prepare.

My YouTube feed often provides fare from – aka Chef John from  For the most part, his fare is pretty straight forward and he will alert you in advance if you might be getting yourself into something a bit complicated. has been a great resource for good home cooking.  They have some amazing features that are designed to help the home cook with both meal prep and shopping.

In a recent post I suggested that you check out your favorite food companies for recipes.  Betty Crocker has some great sites which not only include information on products and specials, but recipes.  Tons of recipes.

Duncan Hines, LandO’Lakes, Bisquick, Hershey – the list is as long as what can be found in your local grocery store.  And don’t forget the manufacturers of cooking equipment.  You’ll find recipes there, too.  The company who made my rice cooker has an interesting collection of recipes I would never have considered making in that machine.

You don’t have to go through overload – find the sources that make food that you like to eat.  Pinterest, food blogs, recipes sites, they are all out there for you to dip a toe into a new recipe.  Or not.  🙂

As Chef Jacques Pepin says, “Happy Cooking!”

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