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As you start thinking about your Holiday Meal(s)…

Entertaining With Beth has some great ideas not only for a Holiday Brunch, but menu items for the Big Meal.  Beth has also included some great foodie inspired gift ideas.  Just sayin’.

Oh Yum with Anna Olson has an item by item collection of recipes that could inspire your menu.

America’s Test Kitchen has brought some amazing dessert items to the table.  Million Dollar Shortbread to name but one.  By the way, if you have a Roku device the channel is FREE.  Check it out!

The Domestic Geek put together a fantastic holiday menu that is worth taking a look at.  She not only covers a variety of options, but tackles the fix-its sometimes necessary when things get a bit out of control.

These are my go to resources for ideas.  I hope they are helpful for you, too.

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