Got Broiler Pan?

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For some of us, one of the most useful tools is not the standard equipment it should be with a new range. (I have no idea why, either.) What is that useful piece of equipment?

A broiler pan.

Yep, a two piece granite ware pan that is used under the broiler.

Before you click on past this post, give me a few minutes. Please. 🙂

That extremely useful and easy to maintain pan is perfect for cooking bacon in the oven – no need for fancy wire racks for your baking sheets. Simply put your bacon on the insert over the base pan and put all in the oven. The grease melts into the bottom pan, making clean up a breeze and your bacon is perfectly cooked WITHOUT swimming in bacon fat.

I use mine to roast pork shoulder steaks. Makes the process easy and the clean up a breeze.

Clean Up?

I spray both pieces with cooking spray – this way things don’t stick and clean up is a breeze. You can line the bottom pan with aluminum foil, but you might also need to wash the pan after you remove the foil.

The pierced top section is also sprayed so the foods won’t stick. This really helps with clean up, too.


As I’ve said, I roast bacon on the pan, but I also cook steaks, chicken and vegetables on it too. The pierced top section is great not only to allow fats to drip off, but air to circulate.

Broiling is a good function as well. 😉 Read your oven’s user guide and your recipe to be sure you know what to watch for and don’t leave your broiler unattended.

Need One?

Not sure where yours is or you need a new one? Go to and put “broiler pan” in the search box. Bypass the disposable ones – they are a waste of money and not geared toward heavy usage. The rest of the options should run around $25.00. Mine is granite ware and I love it – easy to use, easy to clean.

The top section can come in a variety of forms; holes, slats, combination. Look carefully and think about cleanup. The slats are a lot easier to deal with than the holes and they provide better drainage.

Make sure the pan has a deep bottom section – this will catch a lot of fat or dripping without spilling in the oven.

Note, I do not use the broiler pan to roast a whole chicken. That requires a different type of pan.

Dig out your pan, or get a brand new one, and see what you can do with it. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that it has become one of your favorite tools in your kitchen.

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