Grok Nation Turns Three!


Happy Anniversary!

I love to find good discussions carried on by people who have a sincere desire to learn, share and grow.  The ones who don’t know everything now.

I love to learn about different cultures, mindsets, backgrounds, beliefs and points of view.

Three years ago Dr. Mayim Bialik, whom you may know from The Big Bang Theory or Blossom, took a huge step and started an online community around the desire to learn more, discuss more deeply, understand and share on a variety of topics.  Grok Nation ( is the result of that step.

Not Your Typical Forum

Grok Nation is a place that endeavors to travel roads less likely traveled.  A place that encourages conversation about topics that might not be discussed in an open forum.  While the age range tends to be younger, with young children, I’ve seen a lot of people my age, with no kids, who feel that they are welcome with their own experience and points of view.

I also enjoy Mayim’s YouTube channel where she talks about topics that are on her mind.  It also opens discussion and thought in ways I find unusual.

If you are interested in expanding your horizons, or just looking for some thoughtful commentary, I suggest you stop by and see what the topic of the week is or what articles have been added. 

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2 Replies to “Grok Nation Turns Three!”

    1. Well, the site has undergone an expansion and there are new contributors. All in all, they cover a wide range of topics and provide some thought provoking material. 🙂

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