Happy 2019!

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We’ve made it!

While the celebrations and festivities are behind us for a while, there are some changes that need to begin soon. Today, in fact.

After a lot of deliberation, and in conjunction with the soon to be extinct Google+, I’ve decided to stop posting to Facebook and Google+.

If you are following me on one of those platforms, please go to the blog (OrangePlaidCat.com) and either add me to your Favorites or sign up for the monthly newsletter.

The blog is where you can find out what we are up to and see the newest cards in the CraftyBarnCat Etsy shop.

The monthly newsletter will give you all the articles posted during the month and a discount code for use in the CraftyBarnCat Etsy shop.

I hope to see you here to keep up with the Next Adventure.

Happy New Year!

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