It’s That Time Again

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I don’t know about you, but I always find myself forgetting something important at this time of year.  Considering I use it each and every day, it is a bit silly to forget it.

What am I forgetting?  Calendars.  If you use one other than on your phone or computer, now is the time to get a replacement for next year.

This year I am adding a reminder and a link on the site so we can both go out and order our calendars.

Up to 50% off Huge Selection of Clearance Calendars, Games, Toys, Puzzles and Gifts!

Action Figures, Collectibles and Games

In addition to those all important calendars, there are gift ideas for those who are interested in collectors items or playables.  And if you are in a group who love tabletop games, now is a good time to look for something new to add to the rotation.

Free shipping doesn’t hurt, either.  I’m off to see what I can find to replace that calendar that will be out of date on New Year’s Eve.  See you there!

FYI:  If you are a member or either (or both) Ebates and Honey, your discounts are waiting.

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