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I love to read.  It began with comics from the funny pages and evolved to an appreciation for a variety of genres.  I’m also a devoted audio book fan.  I normally listen to audio books, but they can also be found in paper or on electronic file (i.e. Kindle).

Jim Butcher
The Dresden Files

Recently I picked up a new short story collection by Jim Butcher called Brief Cases that focus on Butcher’s Dresden Files series.  Harry Dresden, in case you haven’t met him yet, is a wizard in Chicago.  Actually, I believe, he is one of the wardens who protect that area of the continent.  But don’t quote me, check out the series.

Butcher has an easy style that draws you into the worlds he creates, beguiling you into thinking this was going to be one sort of trip until you realize (usually too late) that it is another.  His world building skills are amazing and his characters multidimensional.

Dresden’s world is populated by a wide variety of folks, Human and other.  Each has a specific reason or purpose for being there and each has an interesting tale to tell.  Brief Cases is a collection of old and new short stories that cover a wide time spread in the series and a few are told by some of the side characters.  For me, it added a bit more dimension to the series.

The Cinder Spires

I recently began going through my collection of audio books and came across the first book in a new Butcher series; the Cinder Spires.  The book, The Aeronaut’s Windlass, is in the steampunk genre; new to me.

Butcher is, as I may have mentioned before, a master at world building.  The Cinder Spires series is shaping up to be just as amazing and fun as the Dresden and Codex Alera series.

This book originally came out in 2015, and I’m pretty sure I have had my copy sitting on the cloud since then.  As it was my first foray into steampunk, it sat until I was ready to give it a try.  I’m glad I did.

As a fan of wind ships, sea stories, fantasy and the like, this one clicked quite a few boxes for me.  Add into it some sparkling storytelling and great characters, and you might see that it is worth the time to sit down with it.

I strongly recommend you check out Jim’s website as well as the books.  I doubt you will be disappointed.  Be warned, however, you could be setting yourself up for a wild ride.  Or many.  🙂

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