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Tuesday brought a few surprises with it. Like, a doctor’s appointment made several months ago that I had totally forgotten about — and never updated my calendar to remind me.

I called and rescheduled the appointment and then went to my calendar to correct the issue. Yikes!

In the mail was a past due notice about a bill that had been regularly paid, but only for a specified number of months, as I expected to get a renewal notification, but didn’t.

After a phone call to clarify and correct the issue, I learned that the bill was for services that would not expire. Something that I had not seen on any paperwork received. Whew!

Mercury in Retrograde? Maybe. Using updated tools without really learning how to use the updated tools? Likely.

So far, 2019 has been an interesting roller coaster of a year.

One good thing that has come from Tuesday’s surprise package is that I’ve spent time clearing out not only my desktop of old, outdated and unused icons and links (laptop loads faster now). Another is the archiving of old emails. I admit I try to do that more often, but when I ran out of ink and kept things I wanted to print until I had new cartridges installed, things got a touch out of hand.

I learned years ago not to hold off on software updates, so I don’t have issue with that, but there are times when seeing what new tweaks have been added get put aside until <cough> ‘later’.

At the end of the day, Tuesday was a reminder that little things make a difference in how we live our lives. I prefer the stress free version, myself. 🙂

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