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Have you seen this hashtag?

I first discovered in on a YouTube channel by an Australian Stampin’ Up demonstrator. The focus was using DSP (designer specialty paper) rather than hoarding it for fear.

Yes, fear.

Fear of cutting it wrong. Fear of using it up. Fear of taking it out of the wrapper.

Truth is, this applies not only to paper and cardstock, but to fabric, too.

That Stash Isn’t Going Anywhere

If you are a crafter, you probably have a stash of whatever it is you craft with. Quilters are notorious for their fabric stashes. We won’t talk about mine. It fits in one room. Mostly.

Paper crafters have the same issue with beautiful papers.

We buy these things because we love them, but instead of celebrating their beauty, we stash them away to <cough> keep them safe.

Keeping them safe may be great but it doesn’t get them used, it doesn’t meet the reason you paid money for it and it takes up space.

Part of the fear is knowing what you will do with that pack of fabric or paper. If you had a pattern in mind when you bought it, get it out and start in! When you saw that beautiful paper, did you know how you wanted to use it?

I will be honest, I am terrified of making that very first cut into fabric. I don’t know what it is, but that first cut can take hours. Once I’ve crossed that hurdle, the rest are easy.

I have similar issues with DSP. Card stock and I have no issues, but fancy patterned paper can be a bit intimidating.

So here’s the thing. Let’s gather our various stashes and see what we have. Let’s look at patterns and projects and figure out what we want to do now and then make a list of our projects to come.

Let’s get our fabric cut and our DSP chopped and let’s use these beautiful treasures so others can enjoy them, too.

Don’t forget, once you use them, you will have room for a new batch.

Thought I’d forgotten that, didn’t you? 😀

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