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You may have heard that Google+ will be closing by August 2019. While we understand that many users in this environment prefer not to join or engage at other social-media platforms, we would still like to make you aware of the other ways you can stay in touch with The Orange Plaid Cat.

Our Facebook page is currently active and you can always sign up for our newsletter or bookmark the site.  You can also set up an RSS feed with our page address.

I will be honest with you, there have been several conversations and a lot of contemplation on continuing with Facebook.

I have issue with being a commodity for use by someone else for their use and not mine. 

That being said, there may well come a time when I leave Facebook.  Should that time arrive, I will give as much advance notice as possible.

In the meantime, however, please do not hesitate to bookmark the site (both the blog and the Facebook page)&/or add the site to your RSS feed so you get notification of updates.

I would also encourage you to share our site with your friends.  Annie & I like to think we offer a different, quieter, place to visit and hopefully offer a touch of humor, along with the usual odds and ends.

Believe me, we appreciate your visits and your input.

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