Mid Week Catch Up

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Or, yes, it really is Wednesday.

Vinnie’s Vittles is BACK!  Maymay’s trusty sidekick/hubby Vinnie is back with his cooking channel.  I have to admit, I’m enjoying it – and the recipes – quite a bit.  His food is not low calorie and I seriously doubt it can be classified as healthy food.  What it is, though, is home cooking comfort food.

New Fall TV Season starts NEXT WEEK!  Can you tell I’m excited????????  While not all of my shows begin next week, the majority are.  I’ve set up my calendar and have begun working on the TV schedule app.

It may still want to be Summer outside, but when the Fall TV Season begins…  Pumpkin season can’t be far behind.

Which reminds me to keep an eye out for the Peanuts specials.

Have you checked out our Following page?  The idea came to me as I was working on the next newsletter.  There are quite a few folks I follow in various places.  The Following page will help you keep up.  I hope!  🙂

Annie is slowing recovering from a late season bout of fleas.  🙁  We had a bit of a battle for a few days, but I got her medicine and vacuumed like crazy.  So far, so good.

Which reminds me, if you have had a bit of dry skin lately, don’t forget to drink more water and use your lotion.  It will help.  Really.

All for now – happy Almost Fall!

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