November Not Quite Rush

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I had intended to write a piece about preparing the Thanksgiving meal, but life got in the way.

Anna Olson has some great recipes and ideas as does Entertaining With Beth and the Domestic Geek.  Check them out on YouTube and see what inspiration grabs you.  Don’t forget Sara’s Weeknight Meals – she has some great How To’s as well as guidance on avoiding mistakes.

Over on Magic Journeys, Mig Vee and Janell have been exploring new menu items and interesting holiday decor.  To be honest, I’m enjoying watching Disneyland’s Christmas decor appearing.  They always do the holidays right.

Miss Annie and I woke up to temps around 18 degrees today.  Winter seems to have arrived.

On the one hand we are enjoying being together and cuddling (sweet smelling kitty fur!) and on the other we are happy to not be out and about with the rampaging hoards of folks who are running about in a panic getting ready for The Holidays.

Did I mention I hate crowds?

I’m enjoying the few holiday catalogs I’ve received in the mail.  Contemplating what, if anything, I might send to those few folks I gift to.

During November and December, I find excuses not to get out and hit the mall or the big box stores and if I can pick up my groceries without going into the store, more the better.

The Holidays are what you make them.  Keep that in mind as you stress making your lists and setting up your calendar.

Here’s to a great cup of cocoa and a nice cookie or two.

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