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I spent a lovely three hours last night with Murdoch Mysteries via AcornTV. The season started loading in January, but I’ve been deliberately holding off for Just The Right Time. Not entirely sure, but I might spend a bit more time with them tonight.

I’ve been enjoying lots of Duck Dodgers and Bugs Bunny, too. Sometimes you just need a bit of funny – y’ know?

Now that the Domestic Geek has delivered her brand new baby girl, I’m curious to see how the YouTube videos will evolve. She’s had a lot of projects come to fruition lately – book, new website and new menu planner – all look interesting.

Pootles Papercraft and Maymay Made It have had some great projects. Maymay has been working on Chalk Coutour projects to update the look of her home.

Both ladies have brought some great ideas to the table if you are contemplating some updates in your home.

Speaking of home decor, Hermione Chantal has been working on her home. Pulling some great ideas out of her bag of tricks, she turned her front entryway into a great showstopper spot.

We are having a rainy day today and I have an errand or two to deal with. Off to get all the necessary stuff out of the way so I can chill this afternoon.

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