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Or, will I color my hair…again?

Much to the chagrin of the lady who cuts my hair, I am contemplating coloring my hair.

For many years I’ve dabbled with colors and processes.  My mid-brown locks have been frosted to the point where I was considered blond.  I’ve been more shades of red than I can remember – but I can remember the one shade I really liked only to discover that it had been discontinued.

My hair has been its usual mid brown with touches of sliding/fading into a sorta gray for a while now.

I’m a touch bored.

The lady who cuts my hair (I decline to consider her a ‘hair dresser’) likes the color, calling it becoming to me.  <Shrug>

I remember my mother’s medium brown hair going gray in such a way that there was a sort of halo of dark under the beautiful silver gray.  Mine just isn’t doing that.  Or, if it is, it is taking its sweet time about it.

Will I frost it again?  I doubt it – too much maintenance for me.  I’m more of a wash in / wash out color girl.

And, while I bemoan the color of my hair and fantasize about going Real Red or Teal or such, the reality is I probably will stick close to my own color.

Not feeling That Adventurous at this point in time.  Hey, the last time I went red most of my closet and I did not coordinate.  🙂

New Year.  New Ideas.  New Ambitions.  New Thoughts.

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