Spring Cleaning – Sort Of

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As I write this outside there are bits of rain that are slowly turning to frozen drizzle with more to come. The idea of “Spring Cleaning” doesn’t even begin to appeal to me.

That being said, I have come across a couple of things that I thought I would share.

Over on YouTube Hermione Chantal has been presenting a series of “Sort Out Your Life” videos that have been not only inspiring but thought provoking.

Decluttering may be a “thing” but it is also a great way to not only create space in your home but potentially create cash if you decide to sell your cast offs. All that being said, the best part of decluttering is the way it opens you up to life.

Let’s be honest, “Stuff” usually costs money and for many people that means credit card debt or little to no money in the bank which creates stress. Want to get rid of some stress? Try cleaning out your closets, library, garage and store rooms.

Been there, done that.

Spring Cleaning usually includes a touch of redecoration. This does not necessarily require spending a lot of money. Take a look around your house and see if you find things that could live in a different part of your home.

One thing I’ve seen return to the decorating scene is using either scrapbook paper, wallpaper or wrapping paper in frames to hang on the wall. Hermione recently did a video on the entryway to her home and used wallpaper in a frame as a focal point. Beautiful!

All you need is a frame you like and the paper of your choice. You can use old calendar photographs or photos from magazines. How about old posters?

Don’t have frames or posters? Head over to the local resale or second hand shops and see what you can find. HINT: Why not drop off a load of your old things you no longer want or need at the same time?

Do you have some old pillows that have seen better days? Before you toss them, why not wash them? I have a throw pillow that has been around for years. Anytime I see it getting a bit bedraggled and sad, I toss it into my laundry and watch the magic. It comes out full and fluffy and fresh.

Be sure to read the labels on your pillows before you wash – some might be a bit particular.

While washing may refresh, why not create your own pillow covers to update your decor? There are tons of How To videos available for the novice or expert sewer.

Do you have old sheets that you haven’t used in a while? Do you have enough flat sheets that you can use them as curtains? This means two flat sheets per window.

If you don’t have enough on hand, trek on over to the second hand shops and see what you can find. Don’t be surprised if you also find new curtains or other window treatments. HINT: Good idea to have a list of your window measurements and maybe color swatches in your bag or on your phone just in case.

Not too fond of the color? Why not try your hand at dyeing the material?

One other Ultimate Spring Cleaning tip is to rearrange a room. If you can, move the furniture about or reorganize your storage. Do you have bookshelves that could use sprucing up? You can change the contents, or put in new backings with removable wallpaper, inserts or paint. YouTube’s Engineering Your Space can help.

If you are contemplating spring cleaning your home, take the time to plan it out. Depending on what you have in mind, it could be a project that carries over several weekends. Weather can (and will) affect some of the things you might want to do.

Not matter how much, or how little, you want to clear out for Springs, don’t be surprised at how great you feel once each step is done. Getting rid of things you don’t need, freshening up your living space, and adding new things of interest will give you a bit of a lift.

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