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The Return of Fall

I don’t know for certain, but I am pretty sure that school is once again back in session.  It is in my area.  For me, this is not a major issue other than outrageous traffic during certain times of the day.  For others, schedules are changing, work load is possibly increasing, calendars are filling up and the new daily grind begins.

Here’s hoping your new year is a great one!

I thought I would take a few minutes to ponder a bit.  A breather, as you will.


We were advised today of the passing of the amazing Aretha Franklin.  The news was not unexpected, but sad none the less.  As I thought about the lady and her music, it occurred to me that like many people, she was one of those pieces of what I call wallpaper.  The folks that are always a part of our lives even thought we may not be aware of them.

The term could mean the drapes on the living room windows or the color of the paint in the kitchen.  In other words, the backdrop that we most likely never really pay attention to because it is always there.

Aretha, like so many others, could be found playing on the radio, television or on our playlists.  The sounds that come to mind when you think of ‘Murphy Brown’ — and are you one of those people who remember Murphy attempting to sing one of Aretha’s songs?  Murph had a lousy singing voice but loads of passion.  🙂

You might also recall Steve Perry, formerly of Journey.  I heard today that he is releasing a new album.  Actually, the comment was along the lines of, “…for a guy pushing 70…”

In one moment I went from hearing that incredible voice to ‘egads I feel old!’

Storage Stuff

I recently put up a new set of storage drawers in my library/craft room.  While I’m enjoying the space, I am dealing with the organization part.  Which drawer has the envelopes?  Where did I put the velum?  Are all the extra adhesives in the same drawer? 

The beauty of the new set of drawers is that it matches the old set, so all I have to do is move the drawers around where I want them.  Hooray!

A couple of weeks ago I actually found a set of wire shelves that would fit in places I needed them.  Well, truthfully, I needed a shelf in the bathroom cabinet and the only way I could purchase it was in a set of three various sized shelves.  <shrug> 

The other two have sat waiting for me to find a place for them to be used.

My workspace in the library/craft room is pretty <cough> tight.  Snug is a better word.  For a long time my laptop lived on top of two old telephone directories in front of my printer.  Why?  I like my screen at a certain height and it was the only place and way to accomplish this goal.

The problem with that set up is that it blocks the out feed from my printer.  There is nothing more annoying than having to move the stack so I can feed the paper drawer and remove documents from the exit tray.  We won’t discuss having to unload the stuff on top of the printer to get to the scanner.  I said it was snug, right?

I had a light bulb moment this afternoon as I once again browsed Amazon for a laptop stand.  I knew what I needed – something high enough to allow the tray to work without interfering with actually using the laptop.

All of a sudden the idea struck that I had a potential solution waiting in the other room.  Sure enough, the smaller of the two remaining shelves fits and the old telephone directories will soon be heading off to the recycle bin.  Hooray!

Which leads me to a question.  Does anyone actually use the paper telephone directory? 

Speaking of the telephone, I have to wonder about the ebb and flow of calls to my home phone.  They go in spits and spurts, usually around the same time of day, so I know that they are most likely trying to sell me something.  I wonder about those callers who go the distance to stick around until the answering machine picks up only to leave a couple of minutes of dead silence and hang up.

I would think robo callers would hang up before the machine picked up or just as the machine picked up.  But that is me.  🙂


I have had the pleasure of seeing Miss Annie perk up a bit in the last couple of days.  For a while she was looking like she was feeling her age.  Today, however, I found her sitting in the window watching the world outside and looking quite content.  I don’t know if she was seeing the kids go off to school or watching the trash trucks pick up or just enjoying the birds and squirrels. 

Here’s to the return of Fall.  Sort of. 

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