The Oddities of Life

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I had a really great odd experience today.

My every six month visit with my doctor was today and, as part of the checks and balances bit, it was decided to draw blood for some routine testing.

I am not a fan of sharp objects.  My preferred method for having blood drawn is my arm out behind me, while I face the outside door and have no clue what is going on.  That might be ‘my’ preference, but <shrug> never happens that way.  🙂

For whatever reason, as I’ve gotten older, drawing blood usually entails using the veins on my hand rather than my arm.

I told the phlebotomist (person who draws blood) that I do better if I’m distracted and chatted with.  Bless her heart, she actually listened to me and made every effort to make me comfortable.

Long story short, the process worked, we had a great chat and I ended up with an exceptionally positive experience with sharp objects.

I’m often surprised and pleased at how everyday encounters can provide wonderful experiences and new friends.  All it really takes is a willingness to listen, share and maybe even laugh a bit.

While there can be every reason, or excuse, not to get to know the people around us, I have found it can be extremely rewarding to take a minute to say hello or just offer a smile.  I know it adds a lot to my day.

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