The Scenic Route

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I admit, I occasionally get off the beaten path on my way from Point A to Point B. Sometimes it is on purpose and others…not so much.

The interesting thing about taking the Scenic Route is the discovery that comes with it.

When we were kids, our parents would bundle us up in the car for a drive around town to see the holiday lights. Magic!

As we got older, more often than not as we learned to drive and were allowed to use the car, we indulged on a bit of Off The Beaten Path driving in hopes of extending the privilege.

As adults, with that Long List of Things To Do, we rarely took the time to take the road less traveled. Which is a shame, really.

I recently explored a local neighborhood after picking up my lunch. I live in a very old town. Some parts of town have houses that go back several decades. It is an awesome thing to see a home that is loved and cared for. Well loved homes are beautiful, inspiring and a joy to observe.

There is one in particular that sports a 3 – 4 color paint job to enhance (okay, show off) some beautiful wood work.

Another celebrates a large porch with a low maintenance garden that would be perfect on warm summer nights.

Most of these homes are not high end or expensive. They are just well cared for and well loved.

A few blocks over will take me down through the original downtown area. Brick streets with old buildings next to a railway are some of the features. There are always lots of cars parked on the street.

These are the things that can be seen when I take the scenic route rather than the freeway. When I stop being in a hurry and start taking my time. Funny thing is – either way I get where I’m needed when I am needed. The only difference is the enjoyment of the journey.

Don’t wait until the holidays to get out and explore.

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