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An Assistant that Really Helps

I’ve been watching Hermione Chantal’s YouTube channel for quite a while. Her focus during the past year or so has been renovating a 1900’s row house in England.

In addition to learning a lot of different design ideas, Hermione introduced me to a little tool that she used to keep track of items she wanted or needed for the house.

Shoptagr is an app that you can download to your smart phone or load onto your computer. Its purpose is to assist you to not only save money but time. Save and bookmark items you love to your Shoptagr page. It will automatically alert you when prices drop or items return to stock.

Sign up is free and they take minimum information. Shoptagr covers hundreds, if not thousands, of stores that you would access online. In some cases, those same stores have brick and mortar locations. You go to the app, sign in, and start browsing. Pick the store you are interested in and load it from the app. Once in the store, an icon resides on the right side of your screen. Choose and item you are interested in and click to add it to your page. Let the app know what you want it to check for you and you are done.

I’ve been experimenting with it for a little while now and find it easy to use and unintrusive. I have an alert icon that lives in my browser bar that tells me when it has notifications for me.

You can set up lists of things you are looking for; clothes, furniture, home decor items, whatever you want. And if you find a store that is not on their list, let them know and they’ll work to add it.

Shoptagr can be helpful if you are looking for the best options for holiday presents, home decoration projects, updating your wardrobe or any other type of shopping you do. Pair it with Rakuten to save even more money.


Pardon Our Dust (2019)

Everything Old Is New Again

As much as I love to change things, I am at a point in time where I have to remind myself to be sure I’ve dotted all the “i’s”, crossed all the “t’s”, clicked all the correct buttons and filled in all the necessary forms.

At least I’m not talking to myself. 🙂

I’m working out the kinks of this new set up and thinking about all the things I want to share with you guys. Thank you for your patience – and perseverance. We’ll get there together.


Come On In and Set a Spell

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Welcome! Or, Welcome Back! as the case may be. 🙂

We do enjoy a visit with friends. Relax, enjoy and, if you are inclined, mark a post “Liked” or send a comment. We do like to hear from you.

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I Love to Dabble

I am an avid reader who has turned to audio books due to some vision issues. I also love TV, Movies and Old Time Radio. Cooking and food in general are favorite topics as is crafting. A beginning quilter along with a novice card maker, I love to dabble.

Actually, I love to dabble a lot.

I also follow a few YouTubers I’ve discovered who provide interesting content on a variety of topics.  I’ll be sharing information on them at a later date.

Who Is The Orange Plaid Cat?

When the blog first started, my cat, Annie, was the Orange Plaid Cat. A marmalade colored cat, Annie was a rescue that I was blessed to share a home with for many years.

Sadly, Annie passed away at the ripe age of 15 earlier this year.

However, we do have a new Orange Plaid Cat; her name is Bella and while she is not marmalade (she’s calico) she takes on the job of chief overseer of the place.

I’ll be sharing Bella stories, too.