I Love to Dabble

I am an avid reader who has turned to audio books due to some vision issues. I also love TV, Movies and Old Time Radio. Cooking and food in general are favorite topics as is crafting. A beginning quilter along with a novice card maker, I love to dabble.

Actually, I love to dabble a lot.

I also follow a few YouTubers I’ve discovered who provide interesting content on a variety of topics.  I’ll be sharing information on them at a later date.

Who Is The Orange Plaid Cat?

When the blog first started, my cat, Annie, was the Orange Plaid Cat. A marmalade colored cat, Annie was a rescue that I was blessed to share a home with for many years.

Sadly, Annie passed away at the ripe age of 15 earlier this year.

However, we do have a new Orange Plaid Cat; her name is Bella and while she is not marmalade (she’s calico) she takes on the job of chief overseer of the place.

I’ll be sharing Bella stories, too.

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