Kitchen Thoughts

Fall is the time we seem to be ready to plan more or at least organize more in the kitchen.

With the kids back to school, schedules are a bit hectic and if both parents work outside the home, life can be a bit…crazy. If they work at home … crazier? LOL!

A while back I started thinking about our relationship to food and health and all the hype that is included. Part of this came from a group I belong to on Facebook. Several members are looking for ways to lose weight and get healthy. Some are learning that food is, in itself, a whole new world.

I started digging around looking for food lists and ideas and realized that for pretty much every “diet” or “food plan” out there, there is a list. A list of what you can eat and what you can’t and all the “by the way”s that go with the plan.

So, I decided to avoid the pitfalls of preparing food lists for you, but to build on some simple, easy to manage ideas that could help you make the most of your budget, your pantry, your time and your interest.

The biggest thing that everyone needs to deal with in relation to “diet” is determining their level of engagement.

There is no “best” plan or “best” organization. Every body is different and the way that particular body deals with food is different from any other body.

What that means is that you, as the guide on this cruise, decides the level of engagement. Are you in full time or going to test the waters? Have you made up your mind to live the life or just until you get bored?

Hey, I know how that sounds, but over the years I’ve learned that the biggest obstacle to weight loss or health success is the person doing the work. Around here “diet” is a no-no. Why? Because it has a negative connotation. People see or hear that word and they think “punishment”.

To be honest, living a healthy or healthier lifestyle is a 24/7/365 way of life. No, it won’t be 100% perfect, because no Human Being is 100% perfect. We all have our good days and our bad.

So, all that being said, whatever direction you choose to go is up to you. Here, I will be talking about ways to make your experience more livable. I’d like to share tips and tricks that will help you be successful with whatever plan you decide to use.

I’m a firm believer that if you have good information you will be able to make better tasting meals that will help you achieve your goals. If you are not on a food plan, but looking for ways to get your food budget in check, I can help with that, too.

You can visit my Facebook page and follow the conversation there or comment below. I’d like to hear what issues you are dealing with when it comes to preparing menus, saving time in the kitchen and finding recipes that you could include in your cooking.

A word of caution: I will be providing recipes that might, or might not, work for whatever plan you are using. I will also be providing recipes that won’t meet any plan guidelines. My particular journey is to eat foods as close to the farm as possible using some convenience products that are accessible in most grocery stores. I do not use any artificial sweeteners or margarine. I also do not care for overly spicy foods.

Hey, I love it when you “like” my posts, but I’d be absolutely thrilled to hear your comments and questions. 🙂