Friday Update

I started to add “quick”, but thought better of it. 🙂

To our new followers, WELCOME!

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Are you ready for the weekend yet?

Recently, I put up a Facebook post in which I mentioned the amount of craft paper and fabric in my stash and the fact that my pantry needs to be organized and cataloged. I won’t lie to you, just looking at those words stopped me in my tracks.


True, it was not an unknown thing – some items on my <cough> “To Do List” have been there for a while… But the fact of actually looking at it was a bit…much.

If you are a card maker and have a stash of cards you don’t know what to do with, why not check in your area for folks who are doing a card ministry? Maymay Made It is working with a few – you can check out yesterday’s Crafter After Show on YouTube for information on that.

If you are a quilter, but not in the mood – or up to – making a full quilt, why not check your local quilt guilds to find out if they accept blocks or might be doing a block swap? You might also want to reach out to friends and family who might be interested in taking blocks (or fabric) off your hands.

Thinking about those Unfinished Quilting Projects (UFOs) that might be living in your closets, if you can’t bring yourself to finish them, why not find them a new home?

Holiday sewing projects seem to be ramping up a bit. I’ve seen quite a few bag projects as well as table runners with matching placemats. You might also consider making fabric napkins. They are quick, easy and achievable for your holiday gifting.

Here’s hoping I’ve given you some ideas and a touch of inspiration to get you started with your holiday gifting.

In the meantime, I’ve got some work to do in my kitchen and I’m getting reacquainted with my Accuquilt Go! cutter and dies. Never a dull moment around here!