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Taking A Breather

There’s magic in the air!

Or, I’m still sick…

Honestly, I finally (!) captured the October Whatever Is Going Around that I’d managed to avoid in the past couple of years. Not real sure it is the accomplishment that sounds like, but <shrug> here we are.

I’ve been careful with medication and allowing myself to not over do anything. Like I have a choice. 😉 What this means is I’m pretty much at the whim of my sleeping patterns. Yeah, lots of Up At 2 a.m. nights. Whoopee.

Enough. This, too, shall pass.

To those who have been following along – Thank You! It has been thrilling (and a bit satisfying) to see the traffic and the “Likes” that you’ve left.

I hope that our odd ball conversations have given you food for thought and, maybe, helped you a little bit.

I have been thinking about this blog about how I started out with the <cough> intention of going one way, but seemingly ended up going in another.

I wanted to provide a comfortable series of articles about all sorts of things – and I still do – but I am also wondering if you, my readers, find certain topics that I’ve talked about more interesting or if you have something you’d like me to talk more about. Please send me an email and let me know.

One thing I have noticed lately is an increased inclination to engage in something – anything – that has pretty much been back burnered for the past few years. I’m not really sure why that is, but I am wanting to play in my kitchen more, get back to quilting, indulge in some videos and music.

I know that I tend to operate in cycles, but do you have that going on in your life, too?

I am slowly (!) catching up on missed episodes of favorite programming and looking forward to diving into Disney+. I put a lot of my normal streaming services on hold because, honestly, I’d seen all I was interested in and wasn’t using them. Why spend the $?

To me, that is the Huge Plus about streaming. I do not have to be paying for things I don’t want just to have access to what I do want…hopefully.

I’m discovering new (to me) channels and content providers that are interesting. It remains to be seen how long I shall keep up with them.

You Do You

As we embark on the Holiday Season, I want to encourage you to Do You. For many of us, this is uncharted territory and not entirely comfortable. That is okay. No one is saying that you toss all the old traditions out the door.

I would like to encourage you to try something different this year. Maybe a different type of decoration or a new side dish.

Is there a project you are interested in? I’m thinking about the conversation that was started months ago regarding creating a personal cookbook. As we embark on 2020, maybe this is the opportunity to take that on one chapter a month?

Food for thought, right?

In any event, take some time to enjoy the moment. 2019 has not been the best of years for many people, but it is almost over and we have an opportunity for a Fresh Start.

Let me know your thoughts – I look forward to hearing from you!

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