Treasure Hunting

I’ve been clearing out bits and pieces from boxes, bags, corners of closets. Things that I no longer need are being assessed for recycling. Items that can go to second hand stores. Or just trash.

The Treasures, however, those stay with me.

I’ve found cookbooks that I’ve had since I was in elementary school. Collections of cards and foods that I haven’t seen or made in years, but remember fondly. I’m looking forward to sharing those creations again, soon.

I’ve uncovered paint chips. Samples that were part of ideas to redecorate rooms, or just part of a collection because I loved the colors.

Bits and pieces of ideas for vacations, or just wandering about. Notes to remind me to do more research on a topic of interest. At least it was when I first tucked the items away until “Later”.

Sometimes treasure hunts can be frustrating because the item we are looking for simply can not be found. I’ve been searching for a particular recipes for “Chicken Supreme” that I made back in the 1980’s that bears no resemblance to any I’ve found on the Internet. I am certain that I know where it came from, but when I explore that place…it’s not there.

Treasure hunts are like going through old photo albums. The journey is more about memories than the tangible item held in our hands.

The Journey is the point of it all after all. Right?

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