In my neck of the woods, Summer means Hot, Humid days that make most of us yearn for the colder days of Winter. Some even wish for snow.

Summer allows us to appreciate Winter.

The irony is that in the midst of Winter, when it is COLD outside, those same people profess a yearning for Summer.

It is a constant with Humans that we always seem to want what we don’t have.

This yearning isn’t a bad thing, overall. We get a chance to dream, to ponder, to plan, to consider. We get the opportunity to remember.

All of these things are important as we maneuver through Life. It is rarely an easy road and sometimes, it seems that the road is more difficult than it needs to be.

It is important to keep looking forward. What is behind us is not always as wonderful as we would like to think. That is not to say that we should forget where we’ve been and what we’ve experienced. Growing requires adding knowledge and experience along with the not always preferred, let alone perfect, experience of the past.

As with our weather focused folks, we need to experience both the heat and the cold to know the difference. Same goes for good and bad.

Enjoy the journey.

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