Unexpected Consequences

“Be careful what you ask for.”

I chuckle because the lesson was a difficult one to master – and, no, it hasn’t been.

I learned from a young age that people heard things you didn’t realize you’d said and if you weren’t careful they’d make things appear (Like Magic!) when you weren’t expecting them to.

I have a dear friend who spoils me rotten. Around 3 decades ago he discovered I preferred Sees Dark Chocolate Marzipan rather than just a box of Sees candies. (If you haven’t tried them, you don’t know what you are missing – and that applies to all of Sees candies) Further, he discovered that I absolutely love York Peppermint patties.

That Christmas I was overwhelmed with both. Really!

I used to be able to get Cadbury chocolates at Target. I say ‘used to’ because it was decades ago and I’m not sure when everything shifted.

Anyway, I mentioned that I would love some Cadbury chocolate again.

Well, wasn’t I surprised (YEP) when I discovered a neat package in my mailbox all the way from England stuffed with an assortment of Cadbury chocolates?

If you love chocolate and are looking for something particularly luscious, I urge you to check out what you might find. My friend found mine on Amazon. These are not high-end fancies, but regular bar types similar to what we might find in a candy counter in America. Also, these aren’t cheap, either. Keep that in mind.

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