Bits and Pieces

Or, A few things I want to share while I’m thinking about it.

I looked up today and realized that it is almost March, 2021. Totally blew my mind. It seems like we were just dealing with the holidays and then Winter decided to come and visit for a while.

Speaking of Winter: When I caught the weather report this afternoon, we were given a “wow” moment. One week ago today the temperature in my little corner of the world was -20 and today the temperature made it to 71 degrees. That’s an entire 90+ degree swing in seven days. Yikes!

Needless to say, all the white stuff accumulated during the past week is gone and while we may be looking forward to some rain in the coming days, it is nothing like what we have experienced.

Around here we spend Summer complaining about the heat and wishing for Winter’s cooler temperatures only to get to Winter and the snow with the attendant upheaval when we get too much of what we asked for.

I’ve been spending some time working on the newsletter, collecting recipes and ideas for future Pantry Magic collections. Dragging out cookbooks has been more fun than some might think. I found a few reminders of why I bought particular books in the first place. Hopefully, I’ll be able to actually make those recipes soon.

My latest grocery haul included a lovely pork roast. Yum! I can’t wait to season it, tuck it into my oven and add potatoes and carrots for a wonderful series of meals! Sometimes it is the simple foods that are the best.

Speaking of food, over on PlutoTV, the BBC Food Channel has added The Hairy Bikers to the lineup. The guys are investigating the Best of British Food. It has been quite an amazing journey.

I want to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to read the blog, send comments or “Likes” and share with friends. It means a lot.

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