Slowly But Surely

I put in my order for my new calendar this week. It doesn’t seem possible, but we are already halfway through 2021.

As I looked through my current calendar I couldn’t help but notice how few weeks, let alone months, are left. Lots of holidays to plan for. A return to school. A look forward to better weather.

This year has been interesting in some ways, dull in others. In other words, not much different than other years.

Over in the Vernacular Society, Paige has announced that the community will be focusing the next couple of months on canning. We’ve already had sewing, baking, and hostessing sessions. I must admit that I’m not so interested in some as I am in others but I do enjoy the variety.

My crafty bloggers/vloggers are embarking on holiday projects. I know that some find it odd to be dealing with cold weather holiday preparation in hot summer months, but some things take time to bring to fruition.

I’ve a couple of vloggers who are working on home renovation projects. They have had learning curves to deal with along with the satisfaction of successful results.

I’d love learn what you are up to as August moves into September. Are you thinking ahead to the holidays? Let me know.

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