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Reading Table: Murder In An English Glade

Murder in an English Glade by Jessica Ellicott

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love this series! I admit that I was first drawn to it because Barbara Rosenblatt is the reader of the audiobooks. Her on-point presentation only serves to highlight great characters and some rather interesting mysteries.

I like the way the regulars keep evolving. It is a great change from the cookie-cutter books where we find ourselves still in the same situations by book 24 that we were in book 1. Not so here!

This latest addition to the series not only brings a few twists and turns mystery-wise, but it provides some character growth, not to mention a bit of the hidden history of at least one of our favorite characters.

Beryl & Edwina are interesting ladies of a certain age and in a certain age. Their experiences bring about some food for thought when it comes to how people are affected by life. While Edwina is coming to terms with life in an English Village, Beryl is becoming aware of how her preconceived notions of life as an American Adventuress are not always in tune with folks who are from a totally different background. You could almost call their evolution as a coming-of-age story.

I definitely recommend this series and this book if you are looking for a cozy mystery. And, if you enjoy Barbara Rosenblatt’s work, definitely grab the audio version! They are delicious!

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