When Radio Was King

Those of us who grew up before the Internet, VH1, and MTV remember when radio, usually AM but occasionally FM, was the place to listen to all the new music. It was where you found the songs you would look for on vinyl.

I came across this video and it brought back a lot of memories:

Now I do understand that folks have different preferences when it comes to their music, but what is represented here is what was most prevalent at the time, and, to be fair, what many of us of that particular generation recall. As in can sing along with. 🙂

I’ve said before that I have a rather eclectic taste when it comes to music. I love pretty much everything between Big Band, Swing, Pop, Rock & Roll, with a touch of opera and Broadway show tunes tossed in. Yeah, I even enjoy disco. <shrug> What can I say? LOL!

Everyone has those songs that live in their memories for a variety of reasons and when those songs are played we sing along. We can’t help it.

Part of the fun of top 40 radio was that 24/7 was full of music that people loved to listen to, sing along with, share with friends. Sometimes at full volume.

Part of the magic of that music is that it still lives today.

So, if you haven’t put together your own particular playlist in a while, what’s stopping you? The music is out there, waiting to be listened to again.

And should you choose to sing along, possibly off key, no one will mind. They just might join you on the chorus.

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