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A Little Reset

It has been a while, and things have gotten a bit busy around the house, but it is time to do a little reset.

You know, review all the media subscriptions and get rid of those you haven’t looked at in a while. In my case, I canceled a couple of streamers that I just wasn’t watching once I’d finished the series I signed up for. When the new series is available, I can choose to sign up again or not…

Speaking of streamers, I looked at those free channels I’ve subscribed to on my Roku box and removed those I haven’t watched in a while. I also took a good look at what I was watching – is there a better source? I recently posted about a free platform that has collected a wide variety of sources for stations I would love to watch but weather and distance make over-the-air viewing an issue. Turns out I’m watching it a lot and enjoying the convenience.

I’ve taken a look at my To Be Read Book Pile (which in my case is predominately audiobooks) and my media calendar to see when the next book by a favorite author is due.

Media calendar? Yes, I keep a calendar just for media – it contains reminders of books that will be published, series updates, and notifications of movies that I want to see. I find it an easy way to keep up with the various authors, shows, etc. without cluttering up my regular daily calendar.

Don’t forget to reset your modem! You might be amazed at the improvement in your signal. 🙂

Reset doesn’t just apply to media. Have you got a list of articles, websites, magazines, etc. that is stuck in a ‘Later’ pile? Now is a great time to go through that collection and remove the ones you know you are no longer interested in.

If you have an RSS feed collector and mark articles for ‘Later’, don’t forget to check out that list. If your reader seems to be a bit slow, chances are that the collection in the ‘Later’ list is slowing it down a bit.

And as odd as it might seem, have you taken a few minutes to sit down and consider what you want to do for the upcoming Winter Holidays? If you have craft projects you want to do now might be a good time to do some planning. Christmas and Holiday fabrics and papers are now available. Just saying… 🙂

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