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Baked Sandwiches

A great alternative to cold sandwiches that you can make your own!

I recently pulled a pack of pulled pork from my freezer and decided to use it in a slightly different way. A few years back I found a great recipe for a baked sandwich that was easy to make, tasty, and very flexible.

Roast Beef and Swiss Sandwich Bake is excellent on its own, but you can switch out the meats and the cheese(s) to use what you have.

I used the pulled pork, used Dijon mustard and a mix of cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses. Delicious!

What About?

Here are some ideas you might consider:

Sliced chicken or turkey with provolone? Taco meat? Pulled meats?

The sandwich reheats well but you can eat at room temperature, too. I’m thinking packed lunches, picnics, backyard meals, the options are broad. Serve with a side salad or some fresh vegetables, maybe some soup.

Let your imagination go!

Happy eating!

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