Around the House

Easing Into The Holidays

Or out of the holidays, if you choose.

Typically the time period between November 15th and January 2nd is when I hibernate. Why? Simple. I don’t like crowds on a good day and during the holidays, there are very few ‘good days’ when you are out among folks who are all competing for the best deal, the most stuff, the insanity that is the last minute (for some) shopping extravaganza.

Yes, I know that sounds pretty grinchy, but I’m not alone in my desire not to get caught up in the furor.

So, how do I deal with the Holidays? I find baking projects that I can do when I feel like being in the kitchen for any length of time. I look for holiday specials or episodes on my favorite channels or platforms that bring a sparkle and some cheer. I plan my Holiday Menu, or two, or three. I find ways to avoid getting caught up in the insanity and enjoying the sanity.

Sanity during the holidays? Are you crazy?

Maybe. Over the years I’ve found ways to enjoy the holidays without being caught up in the noise, motion, frazzle, and such. It is possible. It isn’t something most people do, either. Which is probably why my stress level is much lower. 🙂

What’s on my Holiday To Do List this year?

Well, I’ve unearthed a couple of recipes from my bucket list that I actually have ingredients on hand to make. I’ve begun looking at the various schedules for the channels and platforms I like to watch. I’m looking for holiday shows that are either very new or very old. Yeah, I know how that sounds but that’s what is appealing this year. 😉 I’m also aiming to have some Appointment Viewing so I make time to watch what I find. I’m finding those particular special items that I want to gift and getting that done in time to avoid mail or delivery delays.

Basically, I’m setting limits for myself so I don’t make myself crazy, frustrated or upset. Once that is done I’m free to enjoy the season without worrying about what comes next.

The holidays may come once a year, but they do come every year. Make time to take time to enjoy yourself.