It Started As An Experiment

Okay, I admit it, I was curious. And the tool was there, so why not use it?

Every once in a while I get curious about something (one thing leads to another, right?) and I figure out a way to answer some questions or at least attempt to answer some questions.

In fact, as I think about it, I’m really not sure when this perhaps not-so-grand experiment began, I just know that it continues because, well, I like what I’ve discovered.

I’m not sure, but I think it started because I needed a way to keep on time for folks in different time zones. Then, because weather often affects all sorts of things, it evolved into keeping up with the weather.

I should say that I use my weather app on my phone or iPod to keep track not only of the weather but the time in several different places around the globe. The weather app not only tracks the weather, but it keeps the local time, so you don’t have to switch between that and the clock feature. I also set it for farenheit so it makes sense for my brain, but I do know how to convert should there be a need.

What I’ve discovered is that many areas around the globe have similar weather patterns. I’ve also discovered that some places are warmer than I expected them to be while others are much colder than I thought they would be.

While I understand that most folks wouldn’t bother doing this, I think that it could be an interesting curiosity for anyone who might be inclined. What is it like in [ fill in the blank ] right now as opposed to where I am?

What I found is a connection between what I ‘thought I knew or understood’ about a place and what is actually going on there.

One friend alerted me to change the location for their particular home because temperatures were more accurate when based on a local airport rather than the town she lived in. Interesting. And when I did that and compared the two, I was surprised to discover a bit of a difference. Hmm.

So, for me this adventure was more than keeping track of time zones for communication connections but also learning more about local conditions.

Oh, and it also made for interesting conversation starters. “I see you’ve got a huge rain storm in your area.”

Give it a try. It could be quite interesting.