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From The Reading Table: A Tempest At Sea

A Tempest at Sea by Sherry Thomas

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Having read (listened to) the entire Lady Sherlock series, I’m used to (i.e. spoiled by) the storytelling. Add Kate Reading’s fabulous talents as a reader of the audiobooks and the experience is a luscious treat.

This latest addition to the series is unusual in that it brings together many characters from the other books and puts them on a ship much like the one Agatha Christie created in Death On The Nile. They are stuck together with at least one murderer among them.

Every part of this book is interesting on its own. From the resolution/evolution of character arcs to the mystery itself, each is well developed and engaging. Toss in the story arcs with various characters and the book really shines.

I like the way each character’s flaws and limitations are brought forward. There are places where the prose makes them visceral, to say the least. I’d mention a couple of characters here, but readers will have their own particular, um, favorites.

I also like that the book has included the ship plans for the reader, which makes figuring out locations easy. The audiobook has an attached pdf to download.

Yes, you can read it out of order and enjoy the story, but if you have read the entire series you will get more from this encounter with particular characters.

I’m curious to discover how many more books will be in the series. At this point, I can contemplate at least 2, maybe 3, more. What I can’t, and frankly don’t want to, contemplate is how those stories will develop. I’m more than happy to wait and see.

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