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Contemplating My To Be Read List

My ‘To Be Read’ list is an ever evolving, and occasionally devolving, list of books I want to listen to. Here are a few of the books at the top of my To Be Read List:

NOTE: I am an audiobook listener but most titles can be found in other mediums.

Time And Again by Jack Finney is an old favorite. The story of science fiction, time travel, history, and, of course, a love story, Time and Again has been a beloved book for decades. In fact, my first encounter with it was in paper form. The audio version just adds that something ‘extra’ to the story.

I would be remiss if I did not include the sequel, From Time to Time, on my list. While not exactly as amazing as its predecessor, it is a good continuation of the tale.

I, Claudius and Claudius The God by Robert Graves. I read these decades ago and thoroughly enjoyed the tale. The books are the base material for the BBC production, “I, Claudius” starring Derek Jacoby. Claudius was born a cripple and a stammerer, most thought him quite dim. The irony of his story is that he survived to become emperor.

If you have not watched “I, Claudius” I suggest you check it out. Be warned: It is bloody, blatant and more than a bit obscene in parts. Much like the time of the story it tells. I recently came across a reunion interview that will give you some insight:

What is on your To Be Read List?

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