I Don’t Know About You But

Here we are in the middle of September with Pumpkin Whatever Season either upon us or fast approaching. Am I the only one not really ready to think about Fall?

We’ve had such <cough> warm (i.e.: HOT) weather that lately, as the weather is cooling a bit, I take notice when the a/c doesn’t run all the time. In fact, it has cooled enough that I can leave the door open to the screen until almost Noon before the a/c kicks in. Amazing! Dare I admit it is a bit disconcerting?

I’ve spent the last month or so dreaming about casseroles and roasts. Both of which tend to heat up the kitchen in addition to adding some wonderful scents in the air. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the salads and sandwiches that I indulged in all Summer. Frankly, they hit the spot because nothing else appealed. But now…I’m thinking pot roast.

Speaking of daydreaming, I recently picked up a really cute stamp and punch set for making Halloween cards. I’ve been dreaming about how I want to use them, but it seems just a bit too early to start in. And don’t get me started about creating Christmas cards! My designs have changed at least four times in the last month!

I don’t know about you but I feel like I’m not quite ready to move forward yet, even though I am really not interested in staying put.

On the plus side, I have several TV shows that will be returning with the new season – which is coming up sooner than I expected. Several of my regular authors will be publishing soon and at least one has branched off into new territory.

Many of my regular YouTubers are undergoing Change. One is expecting. One is on the road to completing some renovations in his home. One has added a fur baby to his family. One has lost a family member. Several are undergoing the process of re-evaluating their content and what they want to continue to work on.

Odd that all this seems to be coming to a head during Fall, but the reality is that most have been In Progress for most of the year – or at least the Summer. Fall tends to be the time to prepare for Winter’s sleep. The time for Nature to rejuvenate.


Perhaps that is what is happening around here. Most of the major projects are completed or at a point where it is not feasible to move forward until next year.

Somehow it just doesn’t feel quite like the right time yet. Maybe I’m just not ready to tuck in just yet?

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