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Signora Volpe – Bingeworthy TV

I admit I get a bit fussy about what I watch on TV. For some reason I don’t really care to consider, I no longer care to spend time on shows that don’t really catch my attention or interest longer than the first 10 minutes or so. That leaves a lot of shows on the wayside, believe me.

I came across a posting about Signora Volpe on AcornTV recently where the comments were exceptionally favorable. Granted depending upon the location of the ‘post’ comments can, and should, be questioned. I decided to give it a try and see what happened.

Let’s just say it was a pleasant afternoon spent not dealing with a heatwave, but good stories set in beautiful settings told by great performances from excellent writers. Yeah, I liked it!

Check out the information about the show and AcornTV here:

Before you ask, no I’m not affiliated with AcornTV and I’m not being paid to post this piece. I’m just a long time subscriber who happens to enjoy good TV.

I hope you find it enjoyable, too! Me? I’m hoping for season 2.

Around the House

A Little Reset

It has been a while, and things have gotten a bit busy around the house, but it is time to do a little reset.

You know, review all the media subscriptions and get rid of those you haven’t looked at in a while. In my case, I canceled a couple of streamers that I just wasn’t watching once I’d finished the series I signed up for. When the new series is available, I can choose to sign up again or not…

Speaking of streamers, I looked at those free channels I’ve subscribed to on my Roku box and removed those I haven’t watched in a while. I also took a good look at what I was watching – is there a better source? I recently posted about a free platform that has collected a wide variety of sources for stations I would love to watch but weather and distance make over-the-air viewing an issue. Turns out I’m watching it a lot and enjoying the convenience.

I’ve taken a look at my To Be Read Book Pile (which in my case is predominately audiobooks) and my media calendar to see when the next book by a favorite author is due.

Media calendar? Yes, I keep a calendar just for media – it contains reminders of books that will be published, series updates, and notifications of movies that I want to see. I find it an easy way to keep up with the various authors, shows, etc. without cluttering up my regular daily calendar.

Don’t forget to reset your modem! You might be amazed at the improvement in your signal. 🙂

Reset doesn’t just apply to media. Have you got a list of articles, websites, magazines, etc. that is stuck in a ‘Later’ pile? Now is a great time to go through that collection and remove the ones you know you are no longer interested in.

If you have an RSS feed collector and mark articles for ‘Later’, don’t forget to check out that list. If your reader seems to be a bit slow, chances are that the collection in the ‘Later’ list is slowing it down a bit.

And as odd as it might seem, have you taken a few minutes to sit down and consider what you want to do for the upcoming Winter Holidays? If you have craft projects you want to do now might be a good time to do some planning. Christmas and Holiday fabrics and papers are now available. Just saying… 🙂

Movie Night

Forever Plaid

I could say ‘blame it on the Tony’s’ but that wouldn’t be accurate or fair. The truth is, I enjoy Broadway theatre. Real Broadway theatre. The kind of productions that you can lose yourself in and when you find yourself back on the sidewalk after the final encore you can’t get that song out of your head.

I recently subscribed to Broadway HD via Amazon Prime simply because I sorely needed a lot of Broadway. Badly. And, yes, it came about because I’d just seen the Tony Awards (2022) and found myself wishing I could be in New York, grab tickets to every show and indulge. Oh well.

So, what was the first show I watched on Broadway HD? Forever Plaid, of course.

Read about the production here:

The entire production was brilliant and well worth the time. I even found myself wishing it could last a bit longer. (Even though I also found myself wondering if the guys would get an intermission to catch their breath!)

If you love Broadway and would like to indulge a bit I encourage you to check out Broadway HD. You don’t need to be an Amazon subscriber to indulge your passion. Check out the link to see for yourself. 🙂

Dining · Food · Recipe of the Month

A Simple Fruit Shortcake

One of my favorite ways to celebrate the bounty of fresh berries and fruit is the simple shortcake. No, not that grocery store sponge cake with the dip in the middle, a rich, simple shortcake that you pile the fruit &/or berries on along with a side of whipped cream or ice cream.

Now, I do have to admit that I’ve been known to pick up my favorite pound cake to use in place of a homemade shortcake – and that is a great option if you have a good pound cake recipe or can get your hands on a good one.

As you probably know, I’m a huge fan of Bisquick and love their shortcake recipe. You can find a link to it HERE.

That being said, I do love to make a scratch version, which oddly enough, isn’t much more work than the previous option. You can find a link to it HERE.

The next time you find a batch of beautiful fruit, consider whipping up a simple shortcake to celebrate it.

Audiobooks · Books

From The Reading Table: Death Beside the Seaside

Death Beside the Seaside by T.E. Kinsey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A breath of fresh air!

I always enjoy spending time with Lady Hardcastle and her lady’s maid, Flo. This time was no exception.

The writing is sharp, funny, and very enjoyable. The mystery kept my attention and made me put on my thinking cap. The historical bits were well researched – I love the description of the car!

All in all, this was a great book to curl up with on a rainy day. Since I primarily ‘read’ via audiobook, it was a great accompaniment to some Solitaire during a rather noisy rainstorm.

All in all, a great adventure for any time of the year, but especially as a summer read.

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