Around the House

Easing Into Fall

Here we are in September. Hard to believe that school is back in session, temperatures are threatening to cool off. Some of us have had rain. There have been some, um, interesting predictions for Winter weather.

Around here we are easing into Fall. I’ve been contemplating raisin bread. Homemade, that is. I’ve never made that version before. It could prove to be quite interesting. I do keep threatening to expand my bread baking. 😀

Miss Bella has found a New Spot for her nap. Naps? One of these days she will rediscover her cozy heat reflective kitty pad and curl up on it to keep toasty warm, but not today. Today she curls up in the middle of the floor with plenty of room to stretch out, curl toes, yawn, and snooze.

Are you easing into Fall, too?

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