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A Little Spring Cleaning – Part 2

Want to spruce up your space a bit? Wash your pillows. Not just the covers, the pillows. NOTE: Be sure your pillows are washable before you attempt this!

Sometimes the best refresh goes deeper than simply changing up the linens or curtains. I would venture to say that most of us really don’t realize just how much wear and tear, not to mention dirt and grime, our surfaces accumulate. That being said, dirt and grime don’t stay on the outside of the pillow, hence the need to wash it.

I run my washable pillows through a cold wash and dry them on the permanent press setting. They are clean and, almost as if by magic, as fluffy as when I first purchased them. I also use a scented fabric softener to add to the refresh for the room.

Don’t overlook your bed pillows! While it might be ‘easier’ to purchase new ones, if your current set is washable, why not just run them through a cycle? You save money and refresh not only your pillows but your bedroom, too.

I don’t recommend that you do this process more than 3 times a year unless there is some extraneous reason.

Aside from pillows, don’t overlook the curtains and drapes in your home. While some might need professional cleaning, the majority could easily go through your home laundry and once dry could be rehung without needing to encounter an iron. Don’t forget to check for any needed repairs. Again, check to be sure those fabrics are washable before you attempt cleaning them.

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