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I don’t recall when I tripped over Antiques Road Trip but it has been a few years. I have to say that I have very limited experience in either auctions or antiques let alone those in the U.K., so watching has been educational on many levels.

All that being said, I do have favorite antiquers (or as I would refer to them as shoppers) even though the only real common attribute among them is a love of history.

I’ve enjoyed watching the older episodes on YouTube, but you could also find them on a local channel. Check your listings, you might be surprised.

This article explains the format better than I could: Antiques Road Trip

This latest episode with Mr. Braxton and Mr. Hanson capped off a week of amazing finds and sales.

The thrill of the hunt combined with humor makes for some interesting viewing. In this particular episode Charles found at least one item I wouldn’t mind owning myself.

Check it out for yourself!

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