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From The Reading Table: The Good, The Bad and The History

The Good, the Bad and the History by Jodi Taylor

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There are those few and far in between authors that continue to amaze me as I read (listen) their latest works. Jodi Taylor is at the top of that list. No matter if I’m catching up with the Time Police or endeavoring to keep up with Max and St. Mary’s I never, ever, read the end of the book without shaking my head, chuckling a lot, and wondering how she does it. How does Jodi Taylor keep all those plot strings organized?

This latest visit has kept me up at night, required a rewind (I listen to the audio version), made me stop and get reacquainted with what happened in the last book, move forward and … start all over again to listen straight through.

Visiting St. Mary’s is like the yearly family union or visit to camp. There is that time spent with old friends, favorite relatives, all while enjoying the catch up with all that has transpired since the last visit.

This latest visit picks up right where the last one left off (with Max in trouble…again) and moves forward in its’ usual fast pace. While gathering the threads of the latest crises, the reader is also treated to a collection of threads from older books in the series.

NOTE: If you are new to the series, I would caution diving in in the middle as there is a lot you will have missed. You’ve been warned.

One of the pleasures of a long running series is the fact of the long run. There is a lot of character development. There is a lot of long running plot development, and there is the pure pleasure of the short term travels through time. Time as in time spent with the series and time as in time travel.

Max has undergone a lot of growth and it shows in her choices. She has also avoided growth in some areas, and that, too, pops up to create issues. It will be interesting to see how she moves forward.

In the meantime, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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