The Newest and the Greatest … Stuff

Or I will pass, thanks.

There is something about a new release of craft materials (any kind of craft you please) that can be exciting, stressful and depressing at the same time.

It doesn’t matter if it is a new catalog or a new sale or a new monthly subscription box or a new tool or a new [ fill in the blank ], once you get past the initial interest and excitement you come face to face with that touch of painful reality…

There is the limited release frustration.

If you are a quilter or a card maker you know the frustration of the limited release for fabric lines, paper lines, holiday or seasonal lines. The biggest is the June/July Christmas hurdle. That’s when all the holiday themed stuff hits the shelves so you can get an early start on your holiday crafting.

This stuff isn’t around long so if you don’t get in quick enough or don’t purchase enough you run the risk of a partially done project or two or three…

There’s the new gadget, tool, ink, what-not frustration.

That’s when the new stuff arrives and your creative juices start flowing before you check your bank balance.

Now, I love my toys but I have come to realize that there just isn’t enough space in my home, let alone cash in my bank account to accommodate some of this stuff. And then there is the reality that some of this stuff will just sit tucked away and ignored until ‘later’ which never seems to come along.

I love unboxing videos as much as anyone else but I have often seen folks who do those videos tuck the stuff aside or gift it. I have rarely ever seen them actually do the projects. Time limitations are real things. Sad, but true.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at what we already have. Is it something we want to use? If not, why not send it to a new home? The one thing about ‘stuff’ is the more you have of it, the less your creativity. Once you start making room for the things you want to use or projects you want to do, the more you will do them.

And if the new stuff still intrigues you and you have the room and the budget to bring them home, go for it! You might find that you love stencils or hand work or whatever and do more of it than you ever thought you would. The trick is to be sure you are not stressing out over the acquisition of these new items so you can enjoy the creative process.


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