Holiday Crafting

Oh My!

Crafters prepare for the holidays well before the holidays. This means we start thinking about what we will be making before June and we start gathering our materials as early as June depending on the craft and the availability of supplies.

I recently watched MaymayMadeIt on YouTube reveal the holiday craft supplies they had purchased just so they could do their Christmas In July projects. Two hours (!!!!!) of papers, stencils, dies, and a host of other things – and that is just the start.

I recently posted about not diving into any big purchase items for my craft room. Watching the reveal on Maymay’s channel reminded me of the little ticket items I already have in my craft room. Stencils, dies, stamps, papers, inks… Items I purchased because they caught my attention and I wanted to use them to make holiday cards.

Granted, there are quite a few items that I would like to purchase, and I might, but I find the holiday product reveals to be a great time to jog my memory about things I already have.

Budget friendly? Yep! And I won’t be waiting for delivery, either.

What’s in your craft room waiting to be used?

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