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Every once in a while I come across something that brings out the “Ah, ha! I have to try that!” in me. Here are a couple I’ve found to share.

Coffee filters…Who would have thought?

Cheap, handy, easy to use:

Laundry Hack Saves Money

Many decades ago when I first learned to do laundry, I was taught to use the old fashioned wringer washer. This machine was accompanied by 2 large tubs for rinsing. Fabric softener was not a ‘thing’ at that time. At most, we might use blueing for whites.

Fast forward to the use of automatic washers and the deluge of detergents, softeners, whiteners, and whatever else someone could come up with that you ‘must have’.

I’ll tell you a secret; I stopped using fabric softeners for 99.9% of my laundry years ago. Yes, years. And you know what? My laundry is better, cleaner. Why did I stop? My towels got to the place where they were not as absorbent as they should be. Now they are absorbent, smell fresh and actually work better at doing their job; drying me.

You might be interested in the Simple Laundry Trick for Fluffy Towels. Check it out.

Now, I do have a bottle of fabric softener in my laundry room that I use sparingly. But for the majority of my laundry I no longer use it. My budget is happy, too.

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